I write a blog to expressing and introducing

I write a blog to expressing and introducing my own ethnic, I just like to share the history of my ethnics 

‘According to oral histories, the Iban arrived in western Sarawak from Indonesia about 1675. After an initial phase of colonising and settling the river valleys, displacing or absorbing the local populations of Bukitans and Serus, there began a period of total war. Local leaders were forced to resist the tax collectors of the Malay sultans (Brunei). At the same time, the Iban started to be culturally influenced by the Malay, and Iban leaders begin to be known by Malay titles such as Orang Kaya. Several of the Malays active on the river-estuaries, such as Indra LelaSharif Japar and Sharif Sahap, claimed to be descendants of the prophet. Sharif Ahmit was killed by the Iban. The Bajau and Illanun, arrived from the Philippines in galleys plundered in Borneo, and were fought by the Iban. Oral tradition recounts such a fight by Lebor Menoa from Entanak near modern Betong. According to tradition, Lebor Menoa encountered Chinese traders who came in ships to theSaribas in order to sell cooking pots, brass pots, pottery bowls, shell armlets and cowry shells for padi. During that time, the Ibans were also engaged in conflict with the Orang Ulu of northernSarawak, the Bidayuh of southern Sarawak, the Kantu and other Indonesian ethnic tribes from eastern Sarawak; the Iban successfully controlled the eastern coastline of Sarawak.

The Malay leader Indra Lela, brother of Lela Wangsa of Lingga and Lela Pelawan, incited the Saribas and Skrang Ibans to war against the Sebuyau Dayaks in order to control them. The Saribas were led by Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana of the Padeh, in alliance with Linggir of Paku (Mali Lebu),[2] Bunyau of Entanak and Bulan of Ulu Layar. The Skrang were led by Rentap (Libau), Orang Kaya Gasing and Orang Kaya Ra. About 1834, the Skrang made a raid on Banting Hill, which was inhabited by Balau Dayaks and Malays, who suffered heavy losses. Three years later, Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana made war on the Undup Ibans who had killed his brother, and utterly defeated them, taking many captives and looting a famous guchi jar that was thought to have magical properties. The surviving Undup Ibans took refuge in the Kapuas valley and Lingga and later settled in the area of Salimbau. Only under the rule of Brooke did they return to Banting hill, which had meanwhile been settled by the Skrang.


The Sebuyau Sea Dayaks under Orang Kaya Temenggong Jugah of Lundu attacked Paku on the Saribas at about the time. He attacked Matop, and most inhabitants fled.[disputed – discuss] Ca. 1838, the Balau Sea Dayaks raided the SaribasKrian, a place east of the Saribas, and Skrang under the leadership of Lang and his son-in-law Orang Kaya Janting to avenge their previous losses and revenge for their disturbed peace and harmonies lives. As before the Balau Sea Dayak never has make any engagement with any ethnics since they are just a farmers and lives in a peace and prosperity until the attacked of Saribas and Skrang Iban.’ 

This is just a few of the history and i hope from year to year i will go and find the history. My journey still long, and I hope that maybe there are some free blogger out there may share their experience about this


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My flights to Miri for Gawai

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It me Gerald. I was 22 years old,

It me Gerald. I was 22 years old, and still waiting to further my studies. It hard for me to say much here. I’ve created this just to share my experience my opinion. It been a long journey to go for me. I hope by sharing in this blog i can help readers who want to know about our ethnics Iban which are the biggest in Sarawak.  I feel proud of what i have done and who am i. 

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I Just an Iban from Niah


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